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List of screening projects

Pub Quiz

Directed by Paddy Wilson

A homeless man competes for a pub quiz’s cash prize against the competitive young woman who earlier refused him money.

Held By The Water

Directed by Will Reddaway, Damian Sciberras

From competitive athlete to being told she could never compete again, this short film depicts one woman’s journey as she finds solace in her relationship with the ocean. Wild swimmer, Fiona embraces the sea to manage the challenges of life whilst aiding her recovery from a life changing accident. Self-care at its finest; utilising the tranquility, beauty and peace of the water.


Directed by Georgi M. Unkovski

37 year old Dejan finds himself at odds with the law after a local DMV is out of registration stickers and is unable to renew his car registration. Determined to continue on the journey to see his daughter, Dejan faces a series of events which test his commitment to being a responsible father.


Directed by Eva Riley

Against the backdrop of simmering racial tensions within her rural English town, the life of eleven year old Hannah changes forever when she meets a boy from a mysterious and forbidden world.

From Afar

Directed by Stephanie Yasemin Renique

A Turkish woman in London struggles with feelings of guilt, sorrow and anger after a natural disaster plunges her homeland into a state of national crisis.

Karibu Nyumbani

Directed by Matthew Williams-Ellis

“Karibu Nyumbani” translates as “Welcome to my Home” in Swahili. Guides in the Maasai Mara have a deep-rooted pride, knowledge, and love for wildlife. This film encapsulates that passion from the perspective of George Osono, a guide in Mara North Conservancy, who completely embodies this spirit of caring for nature.

Throughout the film, you meet Half Tail, Lola’s cubs and the other iconic members of the Marsh Pride, Kweli the Cheetah and her three cubs as they prepare for adulthood, and an impressive elephant named Edwin. This film is visual portrait of the Maasai Mara’s majestic wildlife, and the stories of the extraordinary animals that call it home. The film encourages people to see the beauty of these animals, recognise how fragile their existence is and in turn care more about protecting them.

Blunt Objects

Directed by Marcel de Luca

After years of a tumultuous career, and a struggling relationship, Lewis ventures into the woods with the intent to end his life. As he prepares to pull the trigger, he notices an artist watching him. Confused, the man is forced to reconsider the actions he intends to take.


Directed by Youness Benali

CUT follows an enormously talented young tennis player, ALI, who gets home from a training session with the best tennis academy in the country — Team Fireflies.

When Ali’s dad starts prodding Ali about his tennis, we start to understand that Ali’s hiding something.

The pivotal point of the film comes when Ali’s dad finally confronts Ali about being cut from Team Fireflies. Ali denies it but is forced to face the truth as his dad shows him that his contract with Team Fireflies has been terminated. Amid Ali’s fear-induced anxiety, his dad takes control of Ali’s tennis as his new coach, and they embark on a harsh father-and-son journey, that will break Ali down — emotionally, mentally, and physically.


Directed by Nathaniel McCullagh

12 year old Aoife learns to grow up fast after the death of her beloved Grandpy, as she tries to build ties with her emotionally detached father.

Above The Noise

Directed by Adam De Silva

Above The Noise is a documentary short that explores how athlete Maja Kuczynska uses her sport to escape the chaos of the modern world.


Directed by Gavin Pettifor, Jonathan Finlay

Man struggling with ongoing mental illness finds himself battling to find a solution to his unrelenting condition.

Don't Choke

Directed by Sonny Baez

A divorcing couple plays a match of tennis for the custody of their daughter.

Joe Little - Say It Again

Directed by Isaac Crutchley

This ‘one of a kind’ music video features of over 500 acrylic hand painted frames by over 20 different artists.

The paintings and editing style represent the many faces of an inner voice. Visualising the artists growing turmoil and internal conversations about the potential of a love lost.

Mersey Boys: A Letter from Al Moran

Directed by Paddy Murphy

Al Moran meets the young Beatles in a Liverpool pub. Years later a letter is found by Gerard Moran, Al’s nephew, detailing the encounter. Is the story true? Or was Al Moran lying?

White Feather

Directed by Benjamin Hovington

Set during the First World War in February 1916. In James Callaghan’s last 15 minutes, his friends watch and wait as he’s tied to a post and blindfolded after being found guilty of cowardice and desertion within the British Army. Fronted by 17-year-old, Wilfred, the 6-man firing squad, all similar in age, are ordered to aim, fire, and execute, ritualistically, carried out supposedly in the interests of discipline and morale.

Making Up

Directed by Ryan Paige

Making Up is set in the late 1980s, framed within the gritty drag scene of London’s east end. The short film stars BIFA award-winning Dave Johns, Jessica Ellerby and Carey Thring and follows Ted who is diagnosed with a hereditary illness. Ted must therefore reconcile with estranged daughter, Cassandra. However, being a celebrated drag queen, paired with the bitter feelings Cassandra harbours over their past, presents a larger obstacle for Ted to overcome.

Happy Hour

Directed by Simon Fisher

For several years, Luke and his sister, Lauren, have kept in touch through a Happy Hour in their local pub. When she announces she is moving in with Ben, a man Luke knows associates with a violent right-wing group, he expresses his concern. Lauren doesn’t believe Ben is involved and it is only after experiencing his coercive control that she accepts Luke’s offer to help her leave. When Luke arrives on the appointed day, expecting Lauren to be alone, he lets himself into their flat to be confronted by Ben.

The Sea

Directed by Ian Bartholomew

In a small English village, circa 1952, a young farm girl sees a painting of the sea in a shop window, and falls in love with it.
Her efforts to buy it lead to an unforeseen and heart-warming encounter with a famous artist.
This is a story about the inspirational power of art, and an act of selfless generosity.


Directed by Nicholas Cole

Jade is getting some strange results out in the field as she tests the soil for pollution. She is shocked to find that somehow the vegetation is still growing. When Jade comes across a rock in the ground surrounded by strange flowers things get stranger still.

Out Like a Lamb

Directed by Fern Jessop

A moving family drama. After his father’s death, a grieving Yorkshire farmer is left with the choice between moving on to a new life with his fiancé or dutifully keeping the family’s lambing farm and risk losing his chance at true happiness.

Artificial intelligence

Directed by Gyongyi Pearl Retei

This is a story about how AI might will change our world, how different people with different perspective will react to those changes.

The Consequence

Directed by Kammy Darweish

When a right-wing opinion radio host chooses to discriminately accuse a Muslim man of a murder he didn’t commit, her words come back to haunt her. But will she pay for the consequence of her actions.