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Max Puglisi

More than 20 years of experience in video and film production for the educational television and film industry: LECTURER, EDITOR, VIDEOGRAPHER, PHOTOGRAPHER.

Max Puglisi is a multi-awarded independent Italian filmmaker with over 20 years of experience in television and film production. Beginning his career in Italy, he initially focused on producing commercials and documentaries after graduating in Fine Arts and Art Direction. He later diversified his roles, becoming involved in teaching film courses at various schools and universities. Transitioning to Southampton, he pursued a Master’s Degree in Film Production, where he gained recognition for his work. His short film “CRHOMA KEY,” featuring a soundtrack by Hollywood musician Peter J. Robinson, garnered widespread acclaim, winning awards at numerous international festivals.

Professional Experience

His versatile expertise spans two decades in various roles within the television and film industry. As a lecturer, editor, videographer, and photographer, he has contributed significantly to educational television and film production. Known for his punctuality, precision, and ability to find cost-effective solutions, Max excels both independently and within teams under pressure.


Max Puglisi's academic journey reflects his dedication to the arts and film. He earned a Bachelor's degree in Art Direction & Graphic Design from IED Milano, Italy, graduating with merit in 1994. Continuing his education, he obtained a degree in Fine Arts & Scenography from the Academy Fine Arts Michelangelo in Sicily in 2009, achieving an exceptional graduation score. His academic pursuits culminated in a Master's Degree in Film Production from Solent University Southampton in 2019/2021, where he graduated with merit.

Award Winner

Youness Benali

Youness is a self-taught filmmaker who honed his skills while studying Graphic Design at Central St Martins and Visual Communication at the Royal College of Art. It was during his Masters at the Royal College of Art that Youness delved into the world of moving images, realizing the unique expressive potential of film.

Career Highlights

After graduating, Youness embarked on a dynamic career journey. He began as a Music Video Director and later expanded his repertoire to include roles as a Commercials Director and Writer. His versatile portfolio spans Music Videos, Commercials, and Short Films, earning him recognition at prestigious award bodies and festivals worldwide, including The Brit List, D&AD, and the UK MUSIC VIDEO AWARDS. Notable works include “CUT,” “Without A Word,” and “The Composer,” which showcase Youness’ distinct and emotionally resonant storytelling style.