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Nicola Gaughan

Screenwriter of "The Ghosts of Wellington X3757"

Nicola, a seasoned graphic designer and qualified photographer, has delved into filmmaking with diverse roles ranging from stills photography to acting in independent films. Noteworthy achievements include winning Best Documentary at a film festival and scripting multiple feature films. Currently pursuing an MA in Film Practice, her recent scripts have received acclaim in festivals, with efforts underway to secure funding for production.

Nyasha Daley

Director of "Black, Queer & Done"

Nyasha Daley, an artist and storyteller, transitioned from corporate to the arts sector in the last 5 years. She’s known for her documentary “Black, Queer & Done” and poetry chapbook “Melanated.” Currently, she’s working on “Melanated Vol. II” and her play “Loc’dDown,” with plans to lead the iDENT Festival in 2023. Daley is a Clore 2022 Fellow and part of the Coventry City of Culture 2021 legacy program, with credentials in NLP and executive coaching.

Ashton Cubitt

Director of "BlackJack"

I’m an independent filmmaker actively working to get my name out there.
I’m constantly motivate to work, I’m great to work with and for. I’m friendly, creative and incredibly passionate about that work I want to create.

Steffen Werner

Director of "Starship Troopers Deadlock"

Born in 1966 in Leipzig (Germany). I did two year of graphics design study before I switched to a pure technical study in Automation Technology. Since 1992 I work as software engineer in a huge software company. I never lost the connection to art and creativity. Due to my work I am in touch with web design. Since 2016 I want to come closer to the art, therefore I decided to make a movie, because I think it is a mixture of programming and creativity and it covers a huge bandwidth of capability which I want to bring down to the ground. I am a handcrafter too and filmmaking is a craft.

Victoria Napolitano

Director of "THE DETAIL"

Having been raised in an Italian family, was instilled with a deep appreciation for the authentic lifestyle of Italians, encompassing values such as familial loyalty and culinary endeavors. To further immerse herself in this culture, Victoria relocated to Florence, where her writing journey commenced with the creation of “Midnight In Florence,” which eventually evolved into a series called “THE DETAIL.” Her paramount goal was to capture the essence of authenticity throughout the series. This trailer marks an exciting milestone in her ambitious project, as Victoria aims to bring her series to a larger audience by pursuing distribution on platforms like Netflix and Amazon.

John-Francis Nero & Andrew Nieduzak

John-Francis Nero as director/writer and Andrew Nieduzak as creative producer of "Something to do with death"

“Something to do with death” is a black and white silent film, following the fortunes of four hit men as they wait to complete a job.